Why Would Anybody Bother Creating A “Print Strategy”?

Surely it’s just dependent on going on the internet in order to a reseller of print devices and getting the most recent technology obtainable in mono laser printers, colour laser printers, multifunction or all-in-one devices which are suggested from your favourite vendor or computer magazine.

Not too!! – Lexmark describe it as being the “Right Fit Print Strategy” tactic to creating a controlled method of managing your print needs.

Statistics suggest that almost all users only print simple A4 mono (black and white-colored) documents – mostly initiated from the networked PC – with a few requirement of colour as well as less requirement for A3 print.

Sure, you will find specialized needs for several users in specific domains – but generally 98% of print is A4 mono generated by one or any other user across a pc network.

Immediately the requirement for copying is taken away because it is less expensive to print multiple prints on the printer instead of printing one copy and getting somebody go to some copying tool and make copies after that.

Much more the opportunity to have “finished” print documents has become a real possibility – instead of that individual making multiple copies of merely one printed document after which collating them and stapling and hole punching that document – the advanced printers with finishing options will do it all for you personally in the charge of your desktop – sorting (collating), stapling and hole punching – exactly what a fantastic productivity saving.

It will get better still than that!

The number of occasions have you ever printed your document to some shared print device only to visit that shared tool and discover that ten others also have printed their documents to that particular device and you’ve got trouble locating your document one of the rest – at worst not finding your document whatsoever as someone else has had it combined with their documents – so you’ve to go back to your desktop and print the task again.

Not essential.

Lexmark particularly make all that unnecessary using the accessibility to print and multifunction device “mailboxes” where as much as ten users can their very own place for their competed print jobs in the print device without one being mixed along with everyone else’s print jobs – you may also have security print utilized with a PIN so you visit the print tool and release your document making use of your own the three therefore the world doesn’t visit your private print jobs once they should not.

The options are endless – it just requires a planned method of your print needs – analyzing precisely what print output you’re probably to create and buy the most affordable mixture of printers, faxes, multifunctions and all sorts of-in-ones for the office atmosphere – not just adding one device towards the fleet while you think you’ve got a need.

An easy 3 step approach as suggested by Lexmark may suit you perfectly:-

The First Step — think about the device to user ratio, that’s, the number of output-related products are there for each user. The perfect number differs by industry, but typically it ought to be between seven to eight users per device.

Second Step — Most companies can evaluate their recent paper purchases to find out their print format and volumes too any special media needs. It’s probably that around 98 percent of purchases is going to be for A4 paper. Nevertheless, you need to evaluate any unique needs so that you can figure out how capital investment ought to be tailored to satisfy specific printing needs.

Third Step – Discussion with users will rapidly determine what sort of printer they need (against the things they may want). There isn’t any doubt that mono printers provide the cheapest total price of possession and hardware purchase costs low but supplementing this by getting additional print capacity (scan, copy, fax & colour) where it’s needed is important to some productive work atmosphere.

By using these easy steps your company can make and implement a print strategy that can help save instead of spend innovate rather of copy and become observed, not overlooked.

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