Simple Ways to Make Your Office More Inviting

The majority of people with professional careers will find themselves spending more waking time in their office than anywhere else (at least that what it can feel like!) In fact, the average person will spend approximately 35% of their time at their place of work.

Just because the office environment is a place of work doesn’t mean that it has to be drab, grey and dull. So many of us look forward to arriving home at the end of a long day and being surrounded by home comforts and a nice welcoming ambience but what if the office was to have the same pleasant atmosphere? Okay so an improved working environment still isn’t exactly going to have us leaping out of bed in the morning and sprinting to work filled with excitement and anticipation but it can aid in making our time at work seem that bit more bearable.

When you manage a business, you may deem improving your office space as not a priority when you are struggling with things such as inventory management or choosing the correct server for your small business. However you should try to make time to ensure your office is a pleasant environment, since better conditions can help improve morale and productivity.

A pleasant office environment doesn’t have to equal a quirky Google style millennials office complete with bean bag chairs and a snooker tables. There are numerous ways in which it could be customized in order to perfectly complement your style and tastes.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Creating a more inviting office space isn’t just about having a space that is filled with elaborate decorations and additional amenities and appliances. As a matter of fact, improvements start at a very basic level. Ensuring your office is clean, tidy and free from clutter can drastically help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your office space. So sort through all of those folders of archived files that are taking up space on your desk, clear out your drawers, and get rid of any unnecessary paperwork that you don’t need.

Opt for a “clean desk policy” to ensure that employees adopt a minimalist approach to what they keep on their desks, and that they clear up after themselves at the end of each day.

Be at One With Nature

As we approach summer and we sit in our offices as the sunlight peeps through the window, we can feel trapped indoors and have a feeling of longing to be outside enjoying the sun. Adding simple naturistic decorations such as potted plants and flowers add an element of freshness to an otherwise stuffy office space.

Add a Pop of Color

When the time swings around that you need to do some renovations or furniture needs replacing, consider adding a pop of color in order to bring up the mood. Instead of a bog-standard stainless steel pen pot, go for the neon pink one. You get the idea.

Offices don’t always need to have the same grey interiors. Instead of black office chairs, consider filling the office with pastel color ones. You could also add a quirky, conversation piece of furniture such as an eccentric mosaic coffee table or a funky lamp.Small changes can make a huge difference.

Add Decorative Lighting

In an office environment where people are constantly working on their computers, you need to maintain a certain level of light at all times. However that doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun with your lighting installations! Stylish standing lamps, or modern style chandeliers completely transform the space.

Personalize it!

Adding a personal touch to an office environment can give it a more “homely” feel. Of course, be mindful of clutter but small items such as a framed photograph of a nice time spentĀ  with friends and family, a personal mug, and a little souvenir from a wonderful vacation can make you feel that much happier in your work environment.

Decorate the Walls!

Bare white walls aren’t inspiring anybody. Instead of leaving the walls naked and boring, fill them with inspirational quotes to keep your workforce amped and motivated throughout the day. A pin board with photos from office social events and activity days encourages an air of team spirit and camaraderie, while paintings and photographs of beautiful places fuel imagination and creativity.

Make it Comfortable

When you have a sedentary office job, you will be sitting down at your desk for large portions of the day. You need to make sure that you get up and exercise at regular intervals but regardless of age, back aches, neck aches and cramps can strike at any point throughout the day so make sure that your seating area is cozy and comfortable since you will be there for the long haul.

Get additional back support with a back rest, or a fluffy, cutesy cushion to prop up behind you. Keep your feet cosy with a foot warmer (yes that’s actually a thing!) Or a foot rest, and make sure that your monitor is eye level and you are not straining your neck. Filling up your bottom drawer with added extras like a snuggly blanket, and a hot water bottle for those cold winter days helps guarantee maximum comfort, always.

Get Cute Stationary

Stationary nerds will feel all the more productive when they are armed with great tools to assist with their work. Cute pencil cases, themed erasers, highlighters showcasing every color of the rainbow and a range of notebooks are a fun way to stay organised and are much nicer than digging out those scratchy multi pack pens from the back of the store cupboard.

This is yet another way to personalize your space. You can even create customised stationery and office equipment – for example, you could create your own mouse mat and then have the faces of your kids or your partner smiling up at you while you work.

There are several ways to make your office your own – you just need to figure out what works for you. Adding some color, furniture, and customized stationery can really bring some life to your office and make you more productive.