Coming back to Natural Mind

Behind all of our endeavors lies the wish to be happy, to feel content, relaxed, and also at ease. Nobody wants to stay in discomfort in order to suffer unnecessarily. This will be our true main point here. We might think we’re seeking some exterior goal, but we’re seeking it with the hope that, in some way, we’ll feel good for this.

Why then, shall we be so rarely peaceful? In the end, we are intelligent creatures, who are able to look ahead and plan for future years. Furthermore, we’ve many tools and technologies that to produce a better world. You might believe that we, of animals, could be content and also at ease. The very opposite appears to be.

Paradoxically, it’s our amazing capability to change everyone around you that has brought us for this sorry condition. We’ve fallen into the fact that as away from peace, only then do we must find a solution. We feel we have to achieve some goal, involve some factor, have some new experience or on the other hand, avoid a scenario or person that’s leading to us distress. We think that, when we could just get the world is the approach we take to want, we’d finally be at liberty.

For the short term, this method appears to operate. Whenever we get what we should want, we usually do feel good. Only for some time. Before lengthy, we’re off looking for another supply of happiness.

We reside in what Indian philosophies call samsara, meaning “to wander on.” We wander on, searching for happiness inside a world that gives but temporary respite from our discontent, fleeting satisfactions then more wandering on looking for that ever-elusive goal.

Furthermore, thinking that satisfaction originates from what we should have or do frequently causes us to be feel worse, not better. Imagining that something is missing or needs altering produces discontent. Our attention will get preoccupied using what we want, the options to make, the intends to carry them out-a lot of it concerning situations that do not yet exist, and most likely won’t. Our thinking moves in one problem to a different with rarely a pause. Instead of feeling convenient, we generally finish up more tense.

Throughout history, there has been individuals who’ve discovered an ageless truth about human awareness: Our natural frame of mind has already been certainly one of ease and contentment.

By “natural” they don’t mean the frame of mind by which we spend most in our time-which, for that huge majority, isn’t certainly one of ease and contentment. They’re talking about your brain before it might be damaged with desires and aversions. It’s the way we feel when things are OK if we are not fretting about anything.

Repeatedly they have told us that people don’t have to do anything whatsoever, or go anywhere to become peaceful. We must cease striving as it were. Forget about any accessories regarding how things should or shouldn’t be. Notice our experience in our because it is, without resistance or judgment. Then-which is key-allow the attention soften and relax.

Whenever we do, we taste the way it feels to reduce worry, anticipation, determining and planning. We discover the satisfaction that we have been seeking all along. A peace that’s not subject to occasions, or even the vacillations from the thinking mind. A peace we can go back to over and over.

Peter Russell is definitely an author and teacher concentrating on awareness and contemporary spirituality. His books range from the Global Brain, Getting Out Of Bed over time, and From Science to God.

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